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[OOC: Relationships Post]

If you're not Ares or Pele, Eris hates you and enjoys torture you by default.

But comment here and I will give you a better explanation of why.
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Even though I already have an idea- Sol? 8D;;

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Hello Frederik <3

He's so seriosu, Eri's can help but want to make him tick >:3

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Not in spain it isn't. It's 6 am :D

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But if we don't take that in consideration, she doesn't dislike you that much. :3
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You're one of her favourites toys, Jackie~

She want sto see you go evil and act liek a god because she knows you have the potential.

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Keywords, bb, keywords. ♥

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:/ Why so cruel, she just want to destroy be nice to you.

Oh Zechs, wait, Millardo~ he's usually so composed and serious that she loves to break him and ask him about his past/Relena/Treize/Tyki... :3 And Eris is amused that no matter what she does he's always so polite to her.

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And I think she's talked to Akako enough to form an opinion on her.


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There's so much think on Kaito's life to use for his torture :> never change, you are really amusing to her.

Akako, boo goo away. You can undo some of Eris's magic >/ she doesn't like that. That's why she use Hakuba to mock her that much.

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You don't know Fuu well enough to hate her yet XP.

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Fuu's human, therefore she dislikes her her XD
maraich: (I'm peeking at you.)

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Pfff, as if Eris has to do anything to cause chaos in Maraich's life. Maraich's whole world is made of chaos.

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So true...but she can kidnap your babies >:3

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[ profile] curiosity_kat
[ profile] cyber_shinobi
[ profile] emos_with_honor
[ profile] is_primes_pants

Can't remember if she's spoken to Impmon ([ profile] black_intruder), but Sawyer ([ profile] redneck_conman) spoke to her at least once and I don't believe Rika ([ profile] digital_queen) has had the honour of interacting with her yet.

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LOL, let's see... No she never spoke to Impmon, but she talked to Sawyer yes. Rika is lucky :3

Uhm...she doesn't dislike Francis that much because she like pets. And he can talk so Eris probably want to enslave him and keep him as her cat at some point. I said ?that much' ^^'

Prowl, Starscream and Jet: Robots amuse her to no end, you all are so serious and fun to torture. Jet is her favourite though, specially because she can annoy him about his infatuation with Starscream. And Prowl was such a cool dog.

Sawyer: She doesn't have much and opinion, but Sawyer is human so in her mind: Human-->weak/something to dislike.

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...I'm not even sure I wanna know but... why Kite?

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Eris is curious about Kite. She don't understand him much at the moment, she can't..categorize him as something to mock, or something that can be threatening.

But she likes to make fun of him like everybody else, and the fact that he don't react like real people does intrigue her :3

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B| Uncle thinks you need to respect him more. After all, he can evict your ass.

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Uncle always says that to everyone. And Eris told you that humans were stupid and mean and you didn't listened >:|

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Pele wants to know why her name isn't first in that list. >|

....Cori please? :3 [gives you yummy icon]

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Because Ares is family, sorry Pele :/ And because It's in alphabetical order because I often do that to void categorize people ^^

[Licks the yummy icon]

At the moment Cori is probably the person Eris hates the most. She knew that the had something to do with the slaughter of her dear pets, she just don't know how he did it..yet. And as mcuh as she likes to torture him and his friend, she's a bit cautious around him too because he managed to hurt a god. >:|

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Maggie wants to know. :|

Alice, too xDD

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Maggie ♥ Eris liked her as a tiger :> And she actually likes to talk to Maggie, because always amuse her, she's s fun to torture~

You're nice Alice >:| She hates that. Plus, the fact that she can torture you and you cna't do anythign against her please her, because she's that much of a bitch.

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Okay, I'll bite.

Rose and Sari?

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Heh, you know you will hate love it.

Eris thinks that Rose looks nice on a dress and that everybody shoudl see it >8D She loves to make you angry and destroy your peace.

Sari can be quite chaotic sometimes (= Aprils Fool's prank) so eris is fine with her, at least until she gets bored.

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Come on everybody loves 'da rat! >:D

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Not Eris, sorry. But she doesn't dislike him more than others at least. ^^ She's nice to him because she's planing on using him for a future plans 8D

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oceanicbutterfly: (laugh)

[personal profile] oceanicbutterfly 2009-04-09 10:04 pm (UTC)(link) relationships post ever.

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Thanks >8D

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Why hello there~

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You!!! GO! Eris don't want you or your niceness near!!! >:

She tries to be mad at you, and torture you, and you are always so nice to her...ti gets on Eris's nervs.

Also, shes quite amused that you're growing up and spine :D


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I believe I may know the answer. : |

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BB!!!! You that she loves to torture you.

She thinks that Kid is the best think that happened on the comm since the valentines virus ^___^

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This is the thanks Gotham gets for being her favorite channel :| Never taking you to a dance again unless the coin thing... ok I lied maybe. Don't judge me.

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Aww don't be emo Harv~ come here, Eris will kiss you to make it all better, she don't mind if you have only have of your lips...that can be interesting.

I want to see Harvey chewing gum someday XD

You loved that dance! yoUknw it!

iconlove <3

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