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Character Information
*Character Name: Eris, Goddess of chaos and discord
*Character Canon: (movie) Sinbad : legend of the seven seas

*Age: Old as dirt since she's a Greek goddess.
*Race: God counts?
*Timeline/Pull Point: End of the movie. Sinbad ticked her into giving the 'Book of Peace' back and all returned to normal. The world is no longer engulfed in darkness and she left to keep doing what she does best, cause trouble.

*History: The wiki again

Eris' personality is rather simple more than evil per sé, Eris is the definition of chaotic neutral. She wants to turn the world into chaos but it's possible to have a polite conversation with her and not get the feeling that you are talking to an homicidal megalomaniac.

She’s flirty, manipulative, and very, very random. The only reliable thing about her is that she cannot be relied upon. She does whatever she feels like without caring about the consequences or feeling any sort of remorse. Because of that, Eris’s actions are hard to predict. She’s an individualist and she cares only about herself and, to certain degree, her pets. But she does not mourn their deaths as they eventually come back to her.

She is elegant yet moody, manipulative and wants to turn the world into complete madness because that will be fun, and especially not boring. She hates boredom as much as she hates being trapped or contained. Chaos should run free and she will consider doing anything if she can find enjoyment or amusement in it. Eris can be volatile in her emotions when defeated and prone to outbursts, but always with a veneer of control. She also thinks that the human heart is black and corrupted, likes to play tricks to demonstrate it and is quite surprised when proven wrong.

Eris has a deep disregard for life and enjoys promoting evil, only because chaos is more able to happen that way, but she is not incapable to do what could be considered nice acts towards others. In the movie she does save Sinbad from drowning, but it was also because it benefited her in the long run. She believes that there is no order to anything and there shouldn’t be, and thus nothing can be always evil or always good. With this idea in mind, she tends to follow whatever whim strikes her at the moment.

She is a cunning woman, a wicked girl who loves to play games, very confident about her abilities and has a deep interest for mayhem. It’s in her nature. She can, however, appreciate a good opponent. She’s not invincible, in her canon all the Gods are bound by the promises they make. She can be defeated, even if she can't be killed. If you convince Eris to give her 'goddess’s word' to do something and then trick her, she will not harm you because she made the promise. She will be physically unable to use her powers to take vengeance.

*Powers/Abilities:  She a goddess and she's insanely overpowered because of that. Of course, I am perfectly okay with her powers being nixed. In this video it's easier to see how most of her powers work. And the animation and music are great.

Smoky and wispy, Eris changes shape and size like a liquid, flowing from scene to scene like an octopus swims through water. Where her character's drawn-body ends it turns into a rendered smoky, purple trail that is realistic and flows like a vapor trail.  She can, however, materialize legs at will.

She can also manipulate her surroundings, control mythical creatures (like sea monster or constellations), shapeshift (in the movie she turns into Simbad), teleport,  and materialize whatever she wants. No matter what she changes into, her eyes remain the same: golden and red. And it's easily identifiable if you are paying attention. Eris can also breath and talk underwater and in space.  She likes to drink, but doesn't need to eat to survive. She can open portals to others reals and part of the world, curse others, twist reality and teleport.

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