chaosgoddess: (Fascinating - tell me more)
Eris ([personal profile] chaosgoddess) wrote2014-04-21 08:14 pm
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[OOC/ Re-alignment]

Firstforged Alignment: Megatronus Prime.

Current abilities/powers:

-Teleport. Anywhere in the Haven that she has physically visited first. She must be in corporeal form to do this.
-Evaporate. She can become corporeal and incorporeal at whim, though she can't change her appearance much beyond her clothing. This does allow her to slip into any area in which air could enter by simply becoming fog and going in, but it DOES also mean if she's caught in an air-tight jar she will be prisoner. Additionally, while Eris is in corporeal form, she can be injured and will still bleed.

-She'll also need to eat every now and then.

-Breathe. Anywhere, really.

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