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Character: Eris, goddess of discord
Fandom: DreamWorks'movie Sinbad:Legend of the Seven Seas

About the player:
Player: [personal profile] lylith_st 
Way to contact me:


Questions, comments, critiques, complaints, requests... anything, leave me a comment here. I take all the comments really serious, so, please, you can complain but don’t be cruel, that’s supposed to be a funny game. Comments are screened
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If you're not Ares or Pele, Eris hates you and enjoys torture you by default.

But comment here and I will give you a better explanation of why.
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If you want Eris to mess with your characters or participate in some kind of plot drop, me a line here. Just remember that there's some things that she can't do, even if she's a goddess.

-She can shape-shift into persons, like she did on the movie. When she's shapeshifting her eyes are still yellow and red, so you can still recognize her at some point.

-She doesn't kill people directly, she likes to use her beasts or trick people to get them killed. Hades will probably kick her ass if she kills someone without asking him first.

-Even if she can't do it, she will make you think that she can. As a statement, she's always putting and act, lying, or hiding important information.

--She's made of smoke, therefore not tangible unless she wants to be. Your char can try to stab her, punch her, do whatever they want, and she won't be affected by it. But she will probably enjoy to see you trying.

-You can defeat her, not exactly killing her, but when they beast are on earth and no longer constellations they can be killed. They return to her side on the realm and aren't really death, but you get the idea. If you manage to convince Eris to give you her 'goddess's word' to do something and then you trick her, she will not harm you because she made the promise.

Let's play :3
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Firstforged Alignment: Megatronus Prime.

Current abilities/powers:

-Teleport. Anywhere in the Haven that she has physically visited first. She must be in corporeal form to do this.
-Evaporate. She can become corporeal and incorporeal at whim, though she can't change her appearance much beyond her clothing. This does allow her to slip into any area in which air could enter by simply becoming fog and going in, but it DOES also mean if she's caught in an air-tight jar she will be prisoner. Additionally, while Eris is in corporeal form, she can be injured and will still bleed.

-She'll also need to eat every now and then.

-Breathe. Anywhere, really.